Illuminated Windsock

The SIL M65 Windsock is suitable for Airport, Heliport or Helipad. This Internally illuminated windsock removes glare from pilot's eyes and reduces the light required to illuminate the windsock compared with floodlit types.

Power supply is from a weatherproof IP65 galvanized steel cabinet mounted on the Base Post, containing (at least) 2 no. 12V DC sealed gel batteries & charge control equipment. The battery bank has a minimum of 5 days autonomy.

The batteries are automatically charged by 2 no. Solar Panel(s) on the Mast. Charge from both sources is managed by separate MPPT controllers to prevent over-charging and over-discharging of batteries.

An Automatic Photocell switch for Illumination & Obstruction Light is mounted in the cabinet wall.

Fully automatic operation year-round. Power generation and storage ( panel(s) and their mounting angle, and the batteries) are chosen for the end-use location. Length of longest night, solar insolation and weather for your location are all researched to deliver this performance.

A battery monitor wired inside the cabinet gives information about the State of Charge, along with a range of other information for maintenance purposes.


Illuminated Windsock Optional Features

Windsock with Radio Control

The SIL M65 is also available with Radio Control, whereby lights can be operated by a wireless handheld controller, enabling personnel to remotely activate the windsock light.

Windsock with Wind Turbine

Depending on the Windsock's geographical location and required hours of operation the solar powered system may require the addition of a small wind turbine to produce additional power to the batteries

To find out more about the supply and installation of the illuminated windsock please contact our expert team today using our enquiry form or call +44 (0)1483 267 066

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