Systems Interface is a world-leading navigational aids integrator.

Navigational Aids are a form of marker, signal or device that aids an aircraft (or ship) by guiding and navigating it to its destination. It is usually external to the vessel itself and can be in the form of Instrument Landing Systems, Distance Measuring equipment or, in other applications, lighthouses and buoys.

We supply, install and commission navaids from the world's leading manufacturers of these safety critical systems, including CAT Ӏ, CAT ӀӀ and CAT ӀӀӀ ILS, DVORs, DMEs and NDBs worldwide.

We can provide a whole package of tools to assist airports with aerodrome safeguarding, the design and preparation of instrument approach procedures, studies for the definition of equipment specification, system design - complemented where necessary by sophisticated computer modelling techniques for surveying and selecting sites for navaids and the protection of ILS sensitive areas.

With our specialist engineering and project management teams, a seamless transition from project inception to final flight check is ensured.

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Non-Directional Beacon (NDB)
Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)
ISO Systems Interface is a fully ISO 9001:2015 accredited organisation