Systems Interface provides cable-free, solar-powered PAPIs for a wide range of deployments.

What are PAPI lights?

A PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) is a ground-based visual aid that provides guidance to pilots of their vertical position relative to an airport’s runway. These systems are usually located on the left-hand side of a runway around 300 metres beyond the start of the runway.

Reading PAPI lights

From the cockpit, a PAPI is seen as a series of white and red lights, with the proportion of each indicating the current angle.

Above the designed glide slope for the runway, the pilot will see more white lights than red. For this reason, they can recognise that they are flying too high for the runway approach.

Below the glide slope will instead show more red lights than white. If the pilot sees more red lights than red, they can realise that they are too low and need to approach the runway again.

The correct approach using a PAPI is shown in the cockpit as an equal ratio of red and white lights which should be maintained throughout the approach.

An APAPI (Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator) utilises the same principles however uses two lightboxes as opposed to the four used on a PAPI. Therefore, an APAPI removes some detail for pilots as they no longer have indicators for slightly too high and slightly too low.

Diagram on reading PAPI and APAPI

PAPI Lights from System Interface

Systems Interface has extensive experience in providing versatile, solar LED PAPIs. The highly energy efficient PAPI system can be powered by small renewable sources ensuring the highest availability 24/7. For on-demand requirements, the range can be activated using the AvMesh network allowing convenient management of all your airfield lights.

These systems allow for decreased cost setups due to the lower power consumption of LED, in addition to the long-expected life of the light of 60,000 hours. Our PAPIs are highly safe with ultra-bright LEDs to increase visibility for the pilot allowing for more stable approaches and increased runway safety. They are designed to comply with the regulations of ICAO Annex 14, Volume I, para. 5.3; AC150/5345-28G.

For further information on our PAPI and APAPI range, please fill out an enquiry form online or call our team on +44 (0)1483 267 066.

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