Non-Directional Beacon (NDB)


Systems Interface is a leading supplier and installer of Non-Directional-Radio Beacons around the world.

Non-directional Beacons are ground-based radio transmitters used to aid and navigate vessels in aviation or marine applications. They transmit omnidirectional signals to an instrument onboard the aircraft or ship which is used to determine the designated location of travel. The signals emitted by the NDB follow the curvature of the Earth’s surface to increase their range capabilities.

NDB Aviation Systems

They have continued to provide a fundamental and reliable means of aircraft navigation despite the arrival of GNSS and modern ground based systems. The decommissioning of non-directional beacon systems does not appear to be likely to occur for many years to come. For this reason manufacturers are investing in the development of modern ultra reliable systems.

Non-Directional Beacons 'Vector Series' 

We are agents for Nautel of Canada who, for over 35 years, have provided the lowest cost of ownership by making reliable products and supporting them with the industry's best customer service. Nautel are also one of the worlds' leading broadcast transmitter manufacturers and this heritage is apparent in the build quality and reliability of their products.

Nautel's 'Vector series' of NDB aviation transmitters dramatically improve system effectiveness and feature a range of models with outputs from 10W to 2KW. The Vector NDBs feature state-of-the-art digital technology including extensive remote control capability.

Antenna Tuning Units (ATUs) supplied with the Vector range feature both automatic reactance matching and automatic resistance matching, meaning that field strength remains constant even when varying environmental conditions and ground conductivity would seriously compromise conventional NDB systems.

Many airfield operators continue to struggle on with old and unreliable equipment. Now is the time to consider a replacement. Systems Interface will be pleased to provide a budgetary quote for a modern, reliable trouble-free system.

For further information on NDBs (Non-Directional Beacons) please fill out enquiry form online or call our team on +44 (0)1483 267 066.

VECTOR NDB Series Features & Technical summary

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