2x Selex 1150A C-VOR's

1x Selex 1150A D-VOR

3x Selex 1119A High Power DME's

Approach and En-Route Navaid Installations throughout Tunisia

Systems Interface was awarded a contract, by the Tunisian Civil Aviation and Airports Authority (OACA), to supply, install and commission. along with all proprietary civil works, VOR’s (VHF Omnidirectional range) Beacons, DME’s (UHF Distance Measuring Equipment) and a DVOR (Doppler VHF Omnidirectional range) beacon at various locations throughout Tunisia.



Centre de La Navigation Aérienne




Meymoun AOUADI

Directeur des Equipments de la Navigation Aérienne

Tel: +216 58368855

The task for SIL’s Project Managers and Engineers was not straightforward and proved to be technically and logistically challenging because some of the old systems had to remain operational while the new systems were being installed to keep downtime to a minimum before their transition into service.

At Tunis Carthage International Airport and at Tozeur-Nafta International Airport it was necessary to keep the existing C-VOR systems in service for as long as possible. For that reason the new
C-VOR/DME, equipment shelter and counterpoise installations at both airports had to take place without creating any operational interference. Also, to keep downtime to a minimum, SIL’s engineers had the challenging task to make sure the equipment was ready for Site Acceptance Tests before the existing equipment was NOTAM’d by OACA and removed from service.

At Sfax-Thyna International Airport a new replacement High Power DME was installed and commissioned alongside the existing C-VOR but it was kept out of service until Flight Check.

At Kelibia the out of service D-VOR/DME, had to be removed from site and all civil works completed before installation of the new DVOR/DME, Counterpoise and Equipment shelter could take place.

The new systems successfully passed Flight Check at all locations throughout Tunisia on 4th June 2019

ISO Systems Interface is a fully
ISO 9001 : 2015 accredited organisation services solar-powered-airfield-lighting-products/

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