Portable Airfield Lighting System (Solar PALS)

The Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System (Solar PALS) is a convenient, fully transportable, autonomous lighting system for easy, rapid deployment supporting long term, maintenance-free operations for both civil and defence airfields.

A 5,000ft/1500m runway can be set up and operational within minutes in visible or NVG compatible infrared LED lighting modes for both fixed wing and rotary aircraft operations. When set up as a complete airfield, the Avlite Solar PALS can be controlled via the 2.4GHz encrypted mesh network, an intelligent system capable of being operated from the tower, ground or approaching aircraft through a VHF signal using the pilot control option. There is no requirement for any cables, generators or electrical infrastructure of any sort.

Solar PALS Features

These airfield lights are designed for a variety of applications including emergency airfield lighting, secondary or emergency landing areas, sustaining runway and helipad operations and tactical lighting under both visible and infrared modes for defence and humanitarian aid operations.

Discover our portable helipad lighting for a bespoke temporary lighting solution for helipad applications. 

The Avlite Solar PALS can be used as a supplement to the main lighting system for use in the event of failure, temporary runway setup during construction or resurfacing, or for use at airfields where the hard-wired infrastructure of a conventional airfield is unavailable or prone to failure.

The Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System also eliminates the costly need for charging infrastructure, special equipment or electrical expertise associated with standard battery or electrical airfield lighting systems. Lower costs associated with up front investment, daily operating and maintenance costs result in greater economical savings and a higher degree of safety for the airport and end customer.

Portable Solar Airfield Lighting - Components of Solar PALS

The Solar airfield lights consists of radio controlled AV72-RF and AV425-RF solar aviation lights, RF radio controller and a custom-built trailer to transport, charge and store the system. The modular nature of this system allows for additional airfield lighting accessories, all powered by solar including: airfield signs, wind cones and approach lights.

In addition to the basic system, Avlite can tailor a solution to suit customer requirements including additional lights, Pilot Activated Controller (PALC), infrared output, and mounting solutions.

Avlite Solar Powered Portable Airfield Lighting System

  • 5000ft/1500m portable system:
  • 20 x AV70-RF solar aviation lights with RF operational control for taxiway, helipad and obstruction lighting
  • 48 x AV426-RF solar aviation runway lights with RF operational control
  • 16 x AV426-RF solar aviation threshold lights with RF operational control
  • Option for approach lights
  • 1 x Wireless RF Radio Controller to suit RF-controlled runway and taxiway lights
  • Custom-built trailer
  • Optional Charging system
  • Optional Solar Portable Illuminated Windsock

Please download our Solar PALS specification sheet for more information on the product, or alternatively visit our contact us page to speak to one of our team members.


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