Systems Interface is a provider of Distance Measuring Equipment systems for En Route or terminal navigation associated with an ILS or VOR and have unrivalled experience in the supply, installation and commissioning of these aviation systems.

DME Aviation Systems

DME aviation systems provide an aircraft with slant-range distance tracking using ground based and aircraft  equipment. The ground based DME, usually a navigation beacon, measures the aircrafts flight position and determines a time-to-station value which helps the pilot during the flight path, decent and landing.

Recent installations include six En-Route DMEs in Tajikistan for Tajikairnavigation, five En-route DMEs at various locations in Georgia for Sakaeronavigatsia, Tbilisi International Airport, Georgia, Hambantota International Airport, Sri Lanka and Kopitnari International Airport, Georgia, Tunis-Carthage International Airport, Sfax-Thyna International Airport and Touzer-Nafte International Airport, Tunisia.

DME Installation, Supply & System Training 

We currently provide services to Moog Fernau supporting their system, these include installation, commissioning and training.

As an international DME provider, we also have installation experience of Indra and Selex DMEs and can provide quotes for supply, installation, commissioning and system training.

For more information about our Distance Measuring Equipment systems please get in contact and one of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

ISO Systems Interface is a fully
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