Single Head Low Intensity Obstruction Light (Type A & B)

These new obstruction lights offer an ultra bright, energy efficient and cost effective lighting solution. Adjustable intensity settings allow the user to easily toggle between 10cd (Type A) and 32cd (Type B).

The light fixture is available in two configurations, universal DC (12-48VDC) or universal AC (110-240VAC).

Single Head ICAO Functionality

The advanced light optic uses a single LED for minimal power consumption along with a corrosion resistant polycarbonate lens which is specifically designed to maximise light intensity and uniformity. The obstruction light has combined visual and Infrared (IR) for visibility to pilots using night vision.

The low intensity obstruction light incorporates internal diagnostics checking and an alarm contact for remote monitoring. This alarm relay is energised in normal operation and is released whenever the LED is not lit allowing you to easily monitor your fixtures without direct line of sight.

Installation is designed to be simple with options for a 3/4 or 1 inch thread type, allowing you to retrofit your existing lighting installations.

For an enhanced failsafe option, the Dual Light Head version of this light is also available from Systems Interface. This provides more options for your installation by using the second head as a redundant failsafe should the main light ever fail or having twin operation.

ISO Systems Interface is a fully
ISO 9001 : 2015 accredited organisation services solar-powered-airfield-lighting-products/

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