ICAO LIOL Type B Complete Light Assembly (Type1 & 2)

The solar-powered unit is equipped with a standard AV-OL-ILAB-12-R light-head, and uses a single high intensity LED as a light source.

The light fixture is preset to Type B intensity setting (32cd) but can be reduced to Type A (10cd) by the operator if required.

ICAO LIOL Light Functionality

The solar modules charge the battery during daylight hours, and the light automatically begins operation at dusk once the ambient light threshold drops sufficiently.

The assembly is available in two solar/battery configurations to suit a range of installations and ensures years of maintenance-free reliable service. The obstruction light is also available with combined visual and infrared (IR) for visibility to pilots using night vision.

The solar assembly is also available with dual light fixture for redundant fail safe.

The AV-OL-ILAB-12-R complete light assembly is also available with the following optional features:

Optional GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring & Control
Optional GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring is also available enabling operators to remotely monitor the status of their aviation installations. The system can also be configured to send out alarm SMS text messages to designated cellular telephone numbers. Users can also have alarms and reports sent to designated email addresses.

Optional Radio Control
The complete light assembly is also available with 2.4GHz Radio Control, whereby lights can be operated by a wireless handheld controller enabling personnel to remotely activate the light.

Other options available:
Type 1

  •     Dual visual/IR output
  •     IR LED
  •     RS422/485 communications port
  •     Dual light fixture

Note: Power supply not suitable for operating in a Type B dual fixed-on configuration. Consult Systems Interface for solar power supply options

Type 2

  •     100Ah battery
  •     60watt solar module
  •     Dual visual/IR output
  •     IR LED
  •     RS422/485 communications port
  •     Dual light fixture

Compliance: ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, 'Aerodrome Design and Operations', Forth edition July 2004, Table 6.3 LIOL Type B

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ISO 9001 : 2015 accredited organisation
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