Solar Powered Helipad Flood Light

Specially designed from the Aviation consultant, Avlite, the solar-powered, wireless controlled LED heliport floodlight system provides an effective helipad renewable lighting solution.

This helipad landing light system has been specifically designed to equip systematic solar-powered surface lighting, where touchdown and lift-off floodlight (TLOF) and final approach and take-off area (FATO) lights need improvement.

The solar module converts sunlight to an electrical current that charges the battery during daylight hours, resulting in the battery providing power to operate the light at night and distributing the light evenly across the helipad's surface.

The new solar-powered helipad lighting or LED beacon system offers a solar-powered solution that meets the necessary standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)*

Simple Design

The self-contained solar-powered light has an integrated multi-crystal solar module and an internal user-replaceable battery and charge controller system. It can be operational in locations that do not have access to reticulated power - allowing safe and continuous illumination on helipads without investing in groundworks or installing large generators.

The LED luminaire can also be adjusted to focus the light on the helipad specifically to maximise illumination with the optic hood preventing potential glare to pilots upon approach. It also comes with a discrete alarm output and dimming capabilities to integrate any control system.

Housed in weatherproof, powder-coated aluminium enclosure it is able to withstand the harshest weather conditions; the assembly has a low profile (less than 25cm) and is compatible with standard frangible points.

Helipad Solar Flood Light with Wireless Control 

This innovative helipad lighting system is compatible with existing infrastructure and comes with a simple plug and play connection. The Avlite’s solar powered floodlight utilizes the same wireless controller as the AV-426-RF and AV-70-RF models. This allows the single Avlite controller to control multiple Avlite fixtures including the solar range of taxiway lights, approach lights, obstruction lights, lighted windsock and other products. All fixtures, including the floodlight, can be wirelessly operated independently of each other or controlled as a single group.

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