ERGL Solar Powered Elivated Runway Guard Light - Wig Wag

Our Solar Powered Hold Position Elivated Runway Guard light 'Wig Wag'  increases safety at perimeter track intersections, reducing the risk of unwanted vehicle runway and taxiway incursions, 24/7.

The 'Wig Wag' airfield light can be configured with the solar engine integrated or remotely installed up to three meters from the light housing. It is available with optional remote control, providing command and control from an Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower. Requires little to no maintenance and battery life is 5-7 years.

ERGL 'Wig Wag' Features:

  • Configurable solar engine allows for self-contained or detached installation
  • Standard & Northern Model for higher latitudes or poor solar conditions
  • Visible LED Light Amber or Red
  • 20-day autonomy without solar recharge
  • Reliable, self-contained, low cost LED warning system
  • Rugged, self-contained solar engine with replaceable batteries
  • Continuous, 24-hour operation with optional RF control
  • Increases safety at runway, taxiway and vehicle crossings
  • Custom operating and control features with optional on/off external switch
  • Solar engine swivels for optimal solar charging position

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