AVC310/AVC410 Obstruction Lights. ICAO Type A & B and FAA L-810

Our AVC-310 complies with ICAO LIOL Type A while the AVC-410 complies with ICAO LIOL Type A & B and FAA L-810 specifications. Both are robust, completely self-contained solar powered LED obstruction lights ideal for marking structures and hazards around the Airfield, Helipad or Heliport.

The AVC310 model with four 3watt (12watt total) premium-grade solar modules is ideal for areas of high sunlight while the AVC410 model with four larger 5watt panels (20watt total) is suited to areas of lower sunlight.

AVC310 & AVC410 Optional Extras:

Optional GMS Cell-Phone Monitoring available with AVC410

Both models can be fitted with an optional ON/OFF switch and can also be fitted with optional 10, 20 or 40watt booster panels for areas of reduced winter sunshine hours to maintain optimum battery charge.

For Military applications the unit is also available in infrared (IR).

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