Helipad Beacon

The solar powered LED Helipad Beacon is available in one or two optical configurations with an adjustable range of 4-12 nautical miles. Unique to the industry, the custom designed lens provides 32 optical sectors controlling the LED light output in a two dimensional manner. The Helipad Beacon incorporates a sophisticated thermal management system within the circuitry allowing for the effective transfer of heat to the external extrusion, resulting in extremely low energy consumption with a range from 10-90 watts and exceptionally bright LED output.

Helipad Beacon Features:

  • Adjustable LED light output range capable of 12 nautical miles
  • Optional worldwide 2.4Ghz encrypted RF radio control AVMeshtm
  • Independent control of individual LEDs
  • Internal light sectoring
  • Rotating beacon with self contained solar power systems
  • Ultra-high intensity LEDs with infrared option
  • Advanced thermal management
  • Complete continuous diagnostics for each LED
  • PC interface for setup, diagnostics & testing
  • Up to 32 intensity settings
  • Automatic effective intensity correction
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Mains powered or direct cable with battery option
  • Optional Pilot Activated Control System (PALC) with PC software controls
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